Meet The Instructors
           At Yaple's Ballroom our first goal is to learn, enjoy and share the love of dance. We hope to open the minds of our students and those who dance will find the wealth and treasures dancing can hold! There is so many things we can benefit from dancing!! The more you participate in such a sport, the more you will find out. 
Another goal we have is to keep fordable prices for everyone. You can finally take those dance lessons you have always wanted to try!
Lastly, we hope to influence and educate the Carson area the beauty of Ballroom dancing, and all the partner dances related to it.
Come see for yourself!

Tiffany Alm
     Tiffany Alm has participated in dance since she was a little girl. Jazz, Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Country Dancing. In 2011 Tiffany opened up Yaple’s Ballroom in Carson City and that is when her dancing really started to take flight. Taking her level of dance to a gold level and advanced levels, she loves to play with the dance moves to continually create something new to lean. She has participated in many performances  including “Dancing with the Stars” in Reno and Carson City. Tiffany has trained in Nevada, Utah, and California, and has had coaching sessions with competing professional in partner dancing. She has competed in dance as well as in Cirques Star. She hopes to share her love for dance with others and  bring the satisfaction and joy of ballroom dance to the Carson area!

Ben Pierson
     Ben Pierson is Yaple's Ballroom newest instructor to join the team! He is a man of many talents and is now exploring the dance world ballroom dancing.
        Ben Pierson started athletics and performance at the age of 3 years old. Ben has a background in lyrical, martial arts and circus arts such as Chinese pole, straps, span sets, aerial silks, balancing and duet balancing. He is the producer and creator of Reno’s only professional circus company Le Cirque Vagabond and has introduced many of the circus arts and performers in Reno today and is known for choreographing hula hoop, Chinese pole, aerial acts, balancing, dance, acting and martial art acts.  He has trained with athletes such as Alvin Tam (martial artist in KA), Antonio Moore (Chinese pole in Mystere), Miranda Tempest (choreographed Tarzan Spanish web act for Disney Cruise lines) and Edward Doye (Chinese pole Aluma) all of which are in current Cirque Du Soleil productions.       

  His circus mentor Brian Mcnelis producer of Cirque Voila challenged him to add and push things to the limit that even average circus artists don’t even see or do. Because of such mentorship Ben Pierson currently is one of the only athletes in the world with the specialty act, balancing over swords and one of the few in the art of cube juggling, and aerial cube with straps.  He produced Dreamaire an ongoing show, Auschwitz, and Fable and has taken many awards and prizes for acts and shows.  He currently does events and choreography in Reno Nv and Hollywood CA including his own private events and shows while working with other producers and coordinators in the L.A region such as Bob Gail entertainment. He also holds the silver medal for Central Pole Sport competition in 2014.

 Louisa Lopez
 Louisa is our Arial Silks instructor. She has competed, performed, and taught in many athletic areas... Pole Sports, Arial silks, Lira, Contortion, Stretch and Flexibility and Hand Balancing. She has trained in gymnastics as well as in dance. She works with Le Cirque Vagabond and is available for private lessons or group classes though her studio in Reno. She helps teach at our workshops at Yaple's but is primarily teaching in Reno though Le Cirque Vagabond School.

If you are an instructor that needs a space to teach your class... Dance, Music, Zumba, ect, Give us a Call!! 
(775) 400-2952
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