The Dance Begins...

Next event is... Taste of Downtown Carson City 

Image result for taste of downtown carson city 2017   
Visit their page to purchase tickets                                    Will be joining us for the evening

5:30-6:45 pm Dance Party, Our Portable Dance Floor will be set up outside. 
There will be live music and DJ music for backup 

6:45-8 pm Circus Rock Show

8 pm Pole Party, $5 cover

New class starting in August 
Kids & Teens Ballroom and Swing Class!!
Tuesdays at 4 pm
$50 a month per kid
$95 for siblings
In class we will start with a warm up that will increasing strength, flexibility and balance. We will learn individual dance steps, turns, partner connection, how to dance with a partner as well tricks, dips and flips in dance.  Teaching the class will be Ben Pierson, head of Le Cirque Vagabond, with a background in cirques arts, dance and martial arts. Our other instructor will be Tiffany Alm, head of Yaple's Ballroom, with a background in cirques arts and dance. 
We have had many request for a kids class and we are pleased to get one started! 

315 North Carson St.
Carson City, NV
(775) 400-2952
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