The Dance Begins...
New class starting in August 
Kids & Teens Ballroom and Swing Class!!
Tuesdays at 4 pm
New Class Special! $40 a kid for the month
In class we will start with a warm up that will increasing strength, flexibility and balance. We will learn individual dance steps, turns, partner connection, how to dance with a partner as well tricks, dips and flips in dance.  Teaching the class will be Ben Pierson, head of Le Cirque Vagabond, with a background in cirques arts, dance and martial arts. Our other instructor will be Tiffany Alm, head of Yaple's Ballroom, with a background in cirques arts and dance. 
We have had many request for a kids class and we are pleased to get one started! 

315 North Carson St.
Carson City, NV
(775) 400-2952
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